Outdoor Media


With outdoor media rights secured from PPP and BOOT contracts with the government, Universys offers rental advertising platforms such as

Spaces on Rental

  • Traffic signals.
  • Pole kiosks.
  • Hoarding.
  • Traffic booths.
  • Foot-over-bridge (FOB) media.

Outdoor Media Technology for Sale

  • Outdoor Multi-Colour LED Displays
  • Flash Backlight Display
  • Transparent LED Displays

Our clients include:

  • Aircel
  • Joyalukkas
  • Jos Alukkas
  • KalyanJewellers
  • KarurVysya Bank
  • Agni Steels
  • AS Babu Shah Textiles

Outdoor Media Technology Applications

LED Displays

They use LEDs as individual pixels and can be programmed to display any required advertisement. They can display moving images (video) and can be re-programmed any time. According to requirement, they can have intense brightness to be visible even under direct sunlight. They are optimal for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Transparent LED Displays

They function similar to normal LED displays in that their brightness can be adjusted and their programming can be modified at will. These displays allow people to see through them, but at the same time, playing the programmed advert. They are perfectly suited for showrooms, malls and shops where customer attention is to be drawn but at the same time, they must be able to view the merchandise inside.

Flash Backlight Display

These displays have a fixed design. They cannot display moving pictures, but the content of the advertisement can be delivered dynamically. Attractive, lively lighting can be used to highlight important parts of the ad and direct attention to the required information. For instance, to display the details of a limited offer, flash displays can be used, highlighting the offer percentages and the offer dates. These are best suited for all outdoor ad solutions, promotional activities, mall displays, informative displays and many more.