Long Range Wireless


For successful expansion, any organisation would need branches set up at various locations. As the number of offices increase, monitoring and management become complex. With Long Range P2P Wireless technology, any number of branches can be linked with one another. Digital resources like all types of data, mail and communications can be synchronised between multiple locations, making them operate as virtually a single office. Centralised internet and voice interconnectivity can greatly enhance inter-office communication thus improving the operating efficiency. Centralised video monitoring is also made possible by this technology, enabling organisations to review workplace footage from various branches at a single location.

Our strengths

  • Completely secure network.
  • Higher bandwidth (Up to 300 MB/s).
  • Fully native network ensures zero 3rd party interference. Avoids recurring costs.
  • Reliable transmission at very high data volumes.
  • Disaster resistant.
    1. In-house network retains connectivity in times of natural disasters.
    2. Data from all branches are backed up and can be retrieved in case of calamities.

What we have achieved

  • Wireless connection over a distance of 285km with the use of five repeaters.
  • 72km long straight P2P connection.
  • Over 250 satisfied customers.
  • Around 1200 installations.

Additional Wireless services offered

  • Fully secure WiFi coverage for a variety of institutions with data and voice access.
  • Wireless systems for residential security and automation.