K. V. Arangasamy
Founder, Chairman

With an educational background in commerce, our chairman is a man who believes in the power of dreams. Out of sheer interest and passion, he educated himself in the field of electronics. A self-made man, he is the brains behind the organisation and all its innovations. Entering the networking and computer education industry in 2000, he formed Universys in 2006 when he was transferred from Udumalpet to Tiruppur. He imagines and designs all the products and services of the company which the entire team works tirelessly to deliver to the door of every market. He heads the Retail Division (Onebee) and is responsible for its sales and business models.
An avid reader of Tamil literature, he formed and annually convenes the Vishnupuram Literary Convention (a reader forum of noble Tamil writer Jeyamohan).

Karthik Subramaniam
Co-Founder, CEO

Even when the company was founded in 2006, our CEO already had fourteen years of experience in the IT industry, handling all kinds of data server technologies. At Universys, he bridges the gap between technology and commerce. His perseverance in following up with customers personally makes him an ideal businessman. He just does not stop until the customer is satisfied. Any number of products can be designed, but it takes a special mind to analyse and identify where the technology can be implemented and where it is actually needed. With extensive insight into demographics, he has a unique way of delivering advanced technology to the common man. He learns enough of the technicalities to explore where the tech would be needed and is always capable of explaining it to the consumer. A brilliant team organizer, he understands the corporate world and designs the pricing just right, creating channels of business for the firm. It is only logical that he head the Corporate Services Division.

S. Senthil
Managing Director

Before joining Universys in 2008, Senthil operated an agro-based manufacturing company. He pushes the firm forward to new frontiers. Socially well placed and connected, it was through him that the contracts for city surveillance were drafted. A strategic deployment tactician, he regulates the workflow and manages the manpower efficiently and always delivers on time. He follows any process to its end and personally ensures its completion. He heads the City Surveillance and Outdoor Media divisions of the company.

G. Ravichandran
VP – Administration, Director

He joined the firm in 2009 and is well-loved by the employees. He is instrumental to the day-to-day operations and gives his time to every member of staff. He is the lubricant that makes the Universys machine run smoothly.

L. Easwaramoorthy
VP – Finance

Entering the firm in 2010, Easwaramoorthy is the youngest director in the Universys circle. With his MBA and background in finance and marketing, he functions as the finance-planner of the firm. His dreams grow with the company as he sets the goals that push the organization forward.

M. Krishnaraj
VP – Operations, Director

He joined Universys in 2009 as a sales manager and soon proved himself to be indispensable to the company. He organizes sales from beginning to end. Because of this, he forges lasting relationships with customers. He soon rose to the level of Director and Shareholder.

S. Shivakumar
VP – Corporate Sales, Director

He heads the entire operation of the firm out of Chennai. He handles government tenders and corporate deals all over India. Joined Universys in 2012.

D. Ramakrishnan
Director of Purchases

Joined Universys in 2013 after 17 years of experience in the IT products industry. Handles all the purchases made by the company.

V. Selvakumar a.k.a. Babu
Director of Accounts

Joined Universys in 2013.

N. Prakash
Director of Maintenance

Joined Universys in 2013

G. Balasubramanian
Director of HR & GM

Joined the firm in 2014.



Furthermore, Universys is home to around a hundred employees spread over eleven branches all over South India.


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