Electronic Security


We offer a variety of electronic security and safety measures for corporations seeking automated defense solutions. To restrict access to outsiders and employees without clearance, we provide the following systems of access control.

  • Intruder detection and alarm systems.
  • PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensors for movement detection.
  • Boom barriers.
  • Revolving tripod doors.
  • Flap barriers.
  • Environmental sensors for the collection of temperature, humidity and water data.
  • Smoke detectors and fire sensors for protection of assets.
  • Virtual fencing with breach alarms.

Compound packages like environmental sensors (water, temperature and humidity) paired with other (CCTV, wireless automation) services are offered as a package and components are not retailed individually.

Whom we serve

  • Public sector and corporations in need of securing
    • Valuable assets
    • Sensitive information

Some of our clients

  • TN Police Department
  • Chennai Airport
  • Indian AF Station
  • MRF
  • KG Hospital
  • CRI
  • and many more corporate organisations.