City Surveillance


It is the survey of the entire expanse of a city using an array of CCTV: IP cameras placed all over the town. Its remarkable uses are

  • Traffic management.
  • Crime detection, prevention and investigation.
  • Crowd management and regulation.

Universys’ city surveillance systems are designed to store footage from 20 days up to a month. Particular footage of events that are marked for review can be stored for as much as one year. When storage capacity is reached, new footage is written over older recordings such that one hour of new footage erases the first hour of the first day and so on. Footage from the entire city is received and can be reviewed at a centralized location. Backups are installed for fail-safe storage. Based on the size of the city, the required number of cameras and storage capabilities are provided. Passive and Active Optic Fiber, Wireless, UPS and Solar power technologies ensure continual operation of the system even during power-cuts.

Traffic Management

With the centralized control center and our LPR (License Plate Recognition) technology, real-time vehicle tracking is made possible. This can be applied for trailing traffic violators, VIP movement tracking, clearing roads for emergency vehicles and controlling peak-hour signals to regulate the flow of traffic.

Crime Management

With real-time city-wide monitoring crimes can be spotted as they happen and in most cases can be prevented. In cases where prevention is not possible, city surveillance can provide the means to investigate the crime further and bring the perpetrator to justice.

Crowd Management

Events like State and Central government gatherings, public meetings, temple festivals and many more draw in huge crowds that are impossible to regulate. Stampede becomes a grave concern. City surveillance can be used to find alternative routes/locations that offer more space, to safeguard people the people in a gathering and can even be used to devise strategies for mob control.

Some cities that we have safeguarded

  • Thiruvannamalai (9 years).
  •  Vellore (7 years).
  •  Thanjavur (6 years).
  •  Kanchipuram (3 years).
  •  Entire Ootacamund district including Kunnoor and Kothagir (3 years).
  •  Thoothukudi (2 years).
  •  and many more.

We have been successfully maintaining city surveillance systems for the past nine years. We undertake projects on

Government Tenders

Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Everything from installation to operation and maintenance is handled by Universys in exchange for securing exclusive advertising rights. Contracts are renewed every five years.

Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)

Installations are owned and operated by Unviersys for a concession period (5 years) in exchange for outdoor media advertising rights. At the end of the concession period, the systems are handed over to the control of the government.