About Us

Founded in 2006, after many years of experience in the IT industry, Universys was established as a group of separate bodies working in close association.

Our Mission

With quality of services and after-sales support being our top priority, we aim

  • To bridge the gap between innovation and consumers
  • To make the latest technologies and newest inventions available and affordable to every man

Our Vision

With a burning passion to be the best at what we do, we hope

  • To garner a nationwide presence & be pioneers in the fields of electronic connectivity & security
  • To be the first to bring new technology to the market
  • To rise among the top-ten firms in the nation


Initially providing Long Range, Wireless Radio-Frequency Data Connectivity solutions for corporations and telecom industries, Universys later expanded to offer wide ranges of electronic security and surveillance (CCTV, Mobility Monitoring) services. After diligent research and development, the company stepped into the field of RFID: a technology that a country like India is in sore need of. Universys also supplies packages that include industrial sensors and facilitate automation.

With the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model of business, Universys currently holds numerous government contracts, for the completion of which the firm secures advertising rights on various platforms.

The firm is spread all over south India with over nine offices and seventy-five members of staff. It houses a dedicated R&D department that employs top analysts in their fields to imagine and create ways utilise the technologies available and bring them to the doors of the common man. Over time, the business has grown into an appreciable corporate force.

For its stellar services, Universys has been bestowed with several awards and a number of certifications.

Some of them include:

1. DQWeek – An award that recognises exceptional entrepreneurship.

2. Various awards from the Tamil Nadu Police Department for the company’s outstanding work in aiding law-enforcement.

These are but a few in a long list of accolades that the company has earned in its time.

With its earlier focus solely on the corporate world, Universys is poised to enter the retail segment with the launch of its retail brand.



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Structure of the Organisation

Commendations & Certificates